Turkey Bowl Feast, Frostbite in full swing

A quick update on what’s happening in the Seattle Laser Fleet. Which of, course, includes RS Aero sailors (and just about everybody of a sailing bent).

Turkey Bowl

So we’re a little late posting this, but it’s still worth noting there was a great Turkey Bowl the weekend before Thanksgiving. The big winner for the weekend Seattle singlehanded sailing, with great Laser, RS Aero, Radial and Opti fleets. It’s great to see the younger sailors out in force. There’s a report on the event on sailish.com.

And here are a few pix of likely future Radial/Laser/Aero sailor Bing Kawasaki, courtesy of Allison McGuire. Bing’s honing his skills on the up-and-coming Mount Baker sailing team. Click to enlarge!


And then there’s what we sometimes-maschistic singlehanded sailors live for – frostbiting. So far it’s been well attended by both Lasers and Aeros. Yesterday there were about 10 (or was it 11) Lasers and about the same number of Aeros. It was light verging on drifting conditions, but RC volunteers Dan Falk and Randy Shuman got off several races, and there were no reports of anyone hitting Dan’s gorgeous Grady-White, something we should definitely continue. Craig Horsfield’s Aero did get hit at one of the crowded mark roundings.

That was the last frostbite of the year. The next one is scheduled for 1/7/18. And don’t forget to reserve 2/24-25 for Frigid Digit!

–Kurt Hoehne

Here are some frostbite photos from yesterday courtesy of Randy Shuman: