Get Psyched for Frostbite – It all starts Sunday

Mark your calendars, Save-the-Date, GET PSYCHED

Next Sunday, October 22 is the first day of our FROSTBITE series of races for Aeros and Lasers, winter 2017-2018 season. All singlehanded rigs, sailors young and old, big and small, novice to expert, member of any club or no club at all.

Frostbite style means a bunch of quick start short races in an informal style. It’s all about having fun with your friends, sharpening skills, sharing and learning techniques and staying sharp thru the winter. Simple food and beverages provided afterward makes it a great way to catch up, get to know each other better and hear what tricks work best, whether it be boat handling skills or tactics. Or maybe learn how to suit-up for cooler water and weather.

First race starts at about noon. We’ll run races until either you’re too tired, too cold, too hungry or it’s just too dark. THIS IS SAILING AT ITS BEST! So join in the fun.

REGISTER NOW…here’s how….applies to all Aero and Laser sailors.

Go to 

Go to 2017-2018 Frostbite Registration

Fill out the embedded form so we know who you are, your sail number and email addresses.

As far as registration/payment, the options are….

 BEST DEAL Hit the first “Buy Now” button. It makes you a Seattle Laser Fleet member and automatically enters you in the full series of 6 Frostbite race days only $60* if paid by this Sunday October 22. 

You can also sign up for individual races from the pull-down menu:

> Individual Frostbite race days for $15*

> Student up-thru college level pay only $5* per Frostbite race day

*No charge to attendees for after-racing Food & Beverages

One loaner Laser is available if reserved in advance, no charge.

Please also help one day with race committee or food & beverage…see the sign-up sheet. 

–Mark Ross